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Machine Taps HSS cutter Machine Taps HSS cutter metric 8,30 EUR

cutting dies cutting dies metric 7,60 EUR

Fine Thread tabs Fine thread hand and machine tabs 10,80 EUR

Fine thread dies Fine thread dies metric 11,80 EUR

tap wrench With hardened jaws. Galvanized steel handles. When using a steel handle unscrewed anengen bodies. 6,40 EUR

Adjustable wrench Circular Ideal for model building. 23,80 EUR

Die stock Galvanized steel handles and removable. With 5 clamping screws for attaching the cutting iron 3,60 EUR

Die holders for lathe This die holders for the lathe, they can very comfortably, accurately and quickly cut threads. 15,70 EUR

Thread gauge Made of steel with precisely cut teeth. To measure the gradient at foreign and Innegewinden 7,90 EUR

Thread ratchet Thread ratchet Tapping ratchet for clamping of taps with a square. 11,90 EUR